Recovery Console - Access Documents and Settings with Flash Drive

Oct 5, 2011
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My neighbor's XP Media Center PC crashed and before we reinstalled the OS I told him I could probably save the pictures and music to a flash drive.

Now I'm not so sure.

Using the CD I got the recovery console to display and I see all the folders. After switching to the root directory I got Access is Denied after I typed CD "documents and settings". I managed to get around that problem by using the following Set commands:

SET AllowWildCards = TRUE
SET AllowAllPaths = TRUE
SET AllowRemovableMedia = TRUE

I assumed that the AllowRemovableMedia command would let me plug in a flash drive to copy the pictures and music, but I went through the whole alphabet of drive letters without the USB drive being accessible.

From having to deal with the keyboard's F-Lock, to needing the quotes around the folder name, to having to issue set commands this process has me sweating bullets.

Is there a way around this latest obstacle?


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