Records disappear.


.Len B

Access 2003
I have a form/subform hooked to a pair of tables in 1-many.
It is designed to add detail records to existing parent records.
Users cannot add/delete parent records; delete detail records,
at least not using this form which is the only one in this front
end tied in any way to the detail table. No other front-end yet.

Reports from different users in different places (same db) saying
that they had added a detail record, confirmed it was saved (by exit
and re-open) and later same day it was gone.

My first thoughts were =
saved to wrong parent
saved with wrong date (displayed in date order)

I went to the back end to look at the detail table.
It has incrementing autonumber pk. There were missing primary keys
from around the times of the evaporation of these records.

How do I debug this?

The database window is not displayed but F11 does bring it up and
users could open the back-end table and delete. Extremely unlikely!
All users connect to a terminal server (2003 R2)to access the app.
The front-end and back-end are in the same folder on a separate
pair of dfs servers (2008).

Tom van Stiphout

On Sat, 30 Jan 2010 11:13:00 +1000, ".Len B"

Unfortunately Access (better: Jet and ACE) does not have triggers,
otherwise you could deny the Delete.
A2010 will have the equivalent of triggers in some situations.

Perhaps you can write an app for yourself that is scanning the table
once every minute to see if today's records have a gap, and at that
time use code such as this:
to record who is in the database at that time. Sooner or later this
will reveal who is the only user that was in the db at all such

Or maybe this code could be moved into the main app, and when detected
a form would pop up asking the users what they were just doing.

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