Record exists on DNS servers, but nslookup fails



What are the possible causes that can make nslookup times-out and do not
return the IP address of a host existing in my Win2003 DNS Servers ?
I go to my DNS (both primary and secondary WIn2003 DNS servers) and I see
that "" exists under a certain subnet (under
*reverse lookup zone*).

Then I do
and I get the response below:


DNS request timed out.
timeout was 2 seconds.
*** Request to timed-out

We have an application that relies on nslookup like these and I am puzzled
by what could cause the DNS server to fail to return the IP address
correctly. Also, I verified "My Secondary DNS Server" and record is
consistent there.
Please advise.

Observation:I tried nslookups for other workstatinons and it works. Once in
a while it fails sporadically.


Ah, and I go to the "Forward Lookup zones" and
the record *does not* exist under the Forward Lookup.
Interesting, it exists under Reverse Lookup Zones but not the Forward one.
Since the auto-refresh and delete stale records have actually more often
under the "Reverse Lookup Zones", I am wondering what's going on...

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