Recommendations for online database services?




I have a 'not for profit' client with a FP website for their members.

They want to put their database online to allow the public to search for
their members in their post/zip code etc.

They prefer to go with an 'Online Database Provider' - for greater security
- they do not trust the security on their servers.

Can anyone recommend such a Company or Software etc
1/ Reasonably priced
2/ Easy to use
3/ Easy can create search forms
4/ Easy for they to update online or bulk upload etc

Thank you



Thomas A. Rowe

Have you/they considered switching to a better web host?

The lowest cost solution would be to keep the database within their web hosting account which would
eliminate have to transfer or connect users to another server which may not be available because
internet traffic, etc.

You may contact me via my site below, as I have done a number of sites with membership databases.

Thomas A. Rowe
Microsoft MVP - FrontPage

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