Rebuilding intellisense ... how ?

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Bartholomew Simpson

Repost ... first post never appeared ....

I'm working on a larg(ish) project which consist of about 800 files
spread accross 37 modules. I have done a lot of major refactoring over
the last few months, and the VC (2005) intellisense is simply not
keeping up - for instance, I notice that the available mehod names for
each object (in the drop down window), all refere to the interface of
several revisions ago - before the major refactoring - additionally, I
cannot always naviagate to function defintitions/declarations if even
header paths etc have been set up correctly.

Is there a way to force VC 2005 to rebuild its intellisense file (kinda
like rebuilding a TAGS file for emacs?)


Bartholomew said:
Repost ... first post never appeared ....

It appeared and was answered in

Close the project/solution and delete the ncb file.