I have installed and then uninstalled Windows Defender three times. Each
time I ask for Real Time Protection to be enabled. When my computer has been
turned off and I restart the computer I get a message saying that Real Time
Protection is turned off and to click to turn it on. I have used Windows
Defender for quite a while. This started happening about two weeks ago which
is why I installed and then reinstalled. Does anyone have any ideas of how
to get the Real Time Protection to stay turned on?



I get the same thing ever since I restored my OS to it's factory settings.
I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2 on a Dell Studio 1537.

Every time I turn on teh computer, Windows Defender fails to start. When I
go to start it manually I get a message saying it's been turned off and wont
protetc my computer.

I can't find a way of reinstalling defender only as it says it's already
included in my version of Vista and the install terminates.

Any ideas?

Bill Sanderson

If this isn't caused by other antivirus/antispyware software you've
installed, this should resolve the problem.

Go to start, all programs, accessories, and right-click command prompt.

Choose "run as administrator."

In the resulting elevated command prompt, type:

sfc /scannow

and hit enter.
This will take some time, and you should reboot the machine when it
Let me know how this comes out--I've had a single report that this didn't
resolve the situation, and multiple reports that it does. I don't know what
the issue is with the failure case.

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