ReadyBoost Breaks When Retuning From Hiberation



I have an 2 gig SD card in my laptop, using 1.8 gigs for ReadyBoost --
nothing else on the card.

First install worked fine, space allocated correctly. I put the laptop into
hibernation, wake it up again the next day. Now, ReadyBoost can't find
enough space on the Flash drive to make a new cache. "Properties" tells me
that 1.8 gigs of space is used on the card, but there are no visible files to

I reformat the card and now I can allocate 1.8 gigs again, but the next time
the laptop goes to sleep and I wake it up, the problem is back. Pretty much
makes ReadyBoost useless if I have to reformat the drive every time the
computer wakes up from hibernation!

I haven't tested to see if there are similar happenings with Sleep, Restart,
or Shut Down -- so far, all I've done with the computer is Hibernate.

This is Vista Home Premium on a Gateway Dual-Core Intel Pentium with 1GB of

Anyone else experiencing a similar issue? Any known fixes? Is this Vista's
problem, Gateway's problem, or the flash card maker's problem?


I experienced the same thing. Formatting the drive to NTFS
fixed it for me. Try it.


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