Reading Pane


Alem Orlic


How does Outlook determine when to display an item in the Reading pane? I
made a custom form for sending SMS messages from Outlook, and I want to have
New message pane and Reading pane functionality. To send SMS messages I use
command button that creates connection to the carrier service and sends the
message but the actual Outlook item is never sent.
After the SMS message is sent, item is moved to the 'Sent SMS' folder. How
should the item be modified, when it is opened from 'Sent SMS' folder, to be
displayed in Reading pane of the custom form?


Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

I'm confused. Do you mean the "reading pane" as the preview pane is called
in Outlook 2003? Or the "read layout" as opposed to the "compose layout" for
a custom form constructed with dual layouts. I'm thinking the latter, in
which case, there is no way to force an unsent item to use the read layout.

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