Read only error when trying to export table using Macro



I am trying to create a macro to export TABLE3 to an Excel spreadsheet with
the filename DLYREVUSG and the date.xls, These are my settings in the macro:

Transfer Type-Export
Spreadsheet Type-Microsoft Excel 8-10
Table Name: TABLE3
File Name:C:\Documents and Settings\myusrname\My Documents\Dayend Reports
\DLYREVUSG done/TABLE3 " & Format(Date(),"mm-dd-yy") & ".xls"

When I try to run the macro, I'm getting the error "Cannot update: Database
or Object is read only"

Can someone help me with this? Not sure why I'm getting this error????



Ken Snell \(MVP\)

I assume you're using TransferSpreadsheet action?

You need to add
at the beginning of the File Name expression. Example:
="C:\Documents and Settings\myusrname (etc.)

You have a / character in the path for the file... should that be a \

Also, you may be exceeding the maximum length for a path/file name -- I
believe it's 64 characters -- so you may need to shorten the path a bit.

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