Error When Using TransferText in a Macro



I'm using TransferText to export a table to a Comma-Separated-Value (CSV).
Here are my action arguments:
Transfer Type: Export Delimited
Specification Name: ACTScores Export
Table Name: tblACTScores
File Name: H:\ACTScores.csv
Has Field Names: Yes

Whenever I run this multiple times, I get the message "ACTScores.csv already
exist." I click on the OK button, expecting the file to be replaced with a
new one, but instead, the macro fails. The error number is 2950, but not sure
what that means.

When I look at the help for this command, it says "Access creates a new text
file when you export data from Access. If the file name is the same as the
name of an existing text file, Access replaces the existing text file.", but
this is not happening.


I've had similar problems, That's why I always delete the file prior to
exporting the data. You may want to try this as well. that way it won't be
trying to overwrite the file.

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