Re: Vista Registry Cleaner - As Every PC Deserves the Best!



N. Miller said:
I don't need a registry cleaner to recommend changes which I then have to
approve. Unless I have some indication that there is a registry change
needed, I don't make changes. I've got a few "dead" keys. I don't see how
they make any difference.

Any tool which offers suggested changes is dangerous in the hands of those
who don't know what the tool does. Anybody who does know what the registry
cleaner is recommending, probably doesn't even need the cleaner.

I do know what the cleaners are recommending and I would not live without
their very valuable service.... but I could do without the registry
altogether... it's nothing more than an unwieldy headache as an attempt to
institute control over the o/s while doing nothing but adding an unnecessary
layer of time-wasting administration without providing any additional
security while just bogging everything down with a ridiculous amount of
system overhead...

okay... I've had my rant... I'm just here to find out what happened to
express' "block sender" feature in live mail... I would have thought it
would be easier to killfile idiots on usenut with more features, but if
"message rules" is supposed to be the "updated solution"... then this just
irks me that much more...


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