Re: how do I change default font type/size in excel?



Thank you for your suggestion, Susan.

I am aware of that option and I've tried it before, only to find out that it
doesn't do the trick. This option ONLY affects new worksheets created from
WITHIN another worksheet, by selecting Office Button >> New. The option does
NOT affect new worksheets created from the "new" template.
Needless to say that setting is useless. Having to open a worksheet in
order to CREATE A NEW worksheet is absolutely counterintuitive.

As I said before, I create new worksheets from the "new" templates by
righ-clicking and selecting new excel spreadsheet (logical). Unfortunately,
the template always starts in Calibri (Body) 11 font, regardless of the
setting in the options.

Gord Dibben

The default workbook for Right-click>New>Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet is
found in C:\Windows\ShellNew folder.


Replace this file by opening Excel first and creating a new workbook with
the desired formatting.

Save as to the name and path as above.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP


Thank you for the valuable info Gord.

I fixed the problem by creating a custom template using Tweak UI.

Btw, C:\Windows\ShellNew folder contains the Excel and PowerPoint templates,
but not the Word template. Do you know where I can find that one? I
searched the entire C: drive for .docx files but no template was found.

Thank you.

Susan Ramlet

It's called normal.dotm. To edit it:

Select the big round Office button

Select Open

Select Templates

Select (double-click) the Normal template

The Normal template should open. Make changes as you would to any Word
document. Any changes you make will be applied to all new documents. When
you’re done making changes to the Normal template, click Save on the Quick
Access toolbar.
Jan 11, 2011
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Perfect!! BUT - adding new sheet?

This is the first post I have found that finally answers the question of right-click new for default font - thank you!!

Only issue I found though...
You right-click, new excel worksheet, open and it finally gives me the correct default font and size.
However, if I then create a new sheet in this new file, it STILL defaults back to the Calibri 11.

I even set the default font in Office Button, Excel Options to Calibri 9, but no luck.


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