Re: AMD Turion 64 and Windows 7


Benjamin Gawert

I'm the owner of a notebook Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo A1667EX with a AMD
Turion 64 Mobile Technology ML-37 processor.
After several tries and a BIOS upgrade, I've installed Windows 7 on
that machine, it works pretty well, but I have a problem with the

What problems?
According to Windows Upgrade Advisor my processor works at 800 MHz, so
it won't work properly under Windows 7, which requires a minimun 1

Your processor runs at 2GHz, however it can clock down to 800MHz to save
energy. If it does depends on the power management settings within Windows.
This processor works at 2 GHz but it does so thanks to a driver.

Certainly not. There is no processor "driver". There however are drivers
for power management.
driver for Windows XP was furnished with the netbook, but I haven't
been able to find it for Windows 7.
Does anyone knows if this driver exists? If so, where can I find it?

A power management driver does exist, and already comes with Windows 7.
You had to download it for Windowsxp because this 9 year old operating
system knew nothing about the power management capabilities of modern
processors. Windows 7 does, and therefore doesn't need a separate driver.


Benjamin Gawert

The system runs slowlier than with WinXP, mainly when multithreading.

Have you checked the power management settings that the system doesn't
run in power saving mode? Additionally, how much RAM does your system
have? And did you do a fresh install of Win7 or an upgrade from Windowsxp?
Take a look at that (, please.

The upgrade advisor is not always right, so you should just forget about
it. You have a 2GHz CPU which is more than fine for Win7.

BTW: even when the upgrade advisor says otherwise Win7 runs fine on a
computer with less than 1GHz.
OK! So... here come some extra questions:

- Is my system working ALWAYS at 800 MHz? Or CPU speed varies
depending on the requirements?

This depends on the power management settings.
- If it's working always at 800 MHz, how can I set the power
management options to have it working at full capacity?

Go into Control Panel -> Power Options and set it to "High Performance"
(or the equivalent in your language setting).


Benjamin Gawert

* Xavi:
Yes, it was in power saving mode. After your first answer I changed it
to "High Performance" and ran again the upgrade advisor and it kept
saying 'CPU speed 800 MHz'.

Then the Upgrade Advisor has probably problems detecting your CPU correctly.
I've run Everest Lavalys and it says that CPU speed is 2 GHz.

You can also go to the Start menue -> Accessories -> System Tools ->
System Information and see what it says.

But if you have a Turion64 ML-37 processor then it runs at 2GHz.


Benjamin Gawert

* Xavi:
What could it be due to? Misconfiguration of my computer?

Probably more due to a problem with the Upgrade Advisor itself. As I
said, it isn't perfect, and besides that, it also isn't intended to be
run from within Windows 7.

Just forget about the Upgrade Advisor.


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