RDP Minimum config



I've tried to reduce the footprint but i couldn't. Can you help me? I
only want to start mstsc.exe (RDP) to connect to a domain controller
server.(I've added and extra registry data on target designer (HKLM
\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run) running a batch file

start /wait c:\windows\system32\mstsc.exe /v:asterix
goto loop

What components can I delete from the list below? I've tried to
some components like Indexing Service, but when i check dependencies
they appear again. What do you suggest? Should I eliminate components
without checking dependencies? Probably, but it's an tedious task.
Please help me.
I want to reduce the footprint to a minimum.

Accessibility Core
Active Directory Service Interface (ADSI)
Active Template Library (ATL)
Administrator Account
Base Performance Counters
Basic TCP/IP Networking
Certificate Request Client & Certificate Autoenrollment
Certificate User Interface Services
Class Installer
Client / Server Runtime
Client for Microsoft Networks
CMD- Windows Command Processor
COM Base
COM+ Services
Command Shell
Common Control Libraries Version 5
Common Control Libraries 6
Common Control Libraries 6
Common Control Libraries Version XPSP2
Common File Dialogs
Compression and Expansion Tools
Core Networking
Credential Management User Interface
Cryptographic Network Services
Cryptographic Services Providers
DHCP Client Service
Direct memory access controller
DirectX Registry Info
Disk drive
Disk Management Basic Volume Runtime
Disk Management Dynamic Volume Runtime
Disk Management Services
Disk Performance Counters
Distributed Transaction Coordinator
Explorer Application
FAT/NTFS Common Format/Tools
FBA: Crypto
Filter Mime Messages for the Indexing Service
Font: Marlett
Fonts: EGA
Fonts: Fonts Microsoft_San_Serif
Fonts: Fonts Tahoma
Fonts: Fonts tahoma_bold
Fonts: vgaoem_fon
Format Common User Interface
Friendly Logon User Interface
GUI Based Format Common Libraries
Headless VGA Driver
I/O Error Log Messages
Intel ...
Intel Microcode Update Driver
Intel ...
Intel Protocol Network Address Translation
IP Security Services
ISAPNP Read Data Port
Kernel Mode Crypto Driver for RSA
Key Manager
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Logical Disk Manager
Microsoft Audio Compression Manager
Microsoft Foundation Class Library
Microsoft Line Services
Microsoft Visual C++ Run Time
Motherboard resources
Msxml 3.1
Ndisuio Inf
Netbios Driver
NetIP6 Inf
Netmscli Inf
Netnb Inf
Nettcpip Inf
Network Command Shell
Network Performance Counters
Netwzc Inf
NLS: Core Files
NLS: Locale Map IDs
NLS: Time Zones
NT Loader
NTFS Format
NTFS Format Tools
Numeric Data Processor
PC/AT Enhanced PS/2 Keyboard
Performance Counter Configuration
PnP (User-mode)
Portuguese Language Support
Primary IDE Channel
Programmable interrupt controller
Regional and Language Options
Removable Storage Service
Rich Edit Control Version 1.0
Rich Edit Control Version 3.0
Routing Common Files
RPC Local Support
RPC Server
S3 Trio64V+
Secondary IDE Channel
Security Accounts Manager Server Library
Session Manager
Shell Core Registry Data
Shell Explorer Registry Data
Shell Explorer Registry Data (Pro)
Shell Legacy Registry Data
Smart Card Cryptographic Service Providers
Smart card Subsystem
SMB Redirector
Standard PC
Standard Template Libraries
System Board
System CMOS
System Timer
TCP/IP Networking
TCP/IP Networking with Client For MS Networks
TCP/IP Version 6
Terminal Server Client
Terminal Server Remote Desktop
Terminal Services
Terminal Services Client ActiveX Core
Terminal Services Core
Terminal Services Runtime
Time Service Core
USB 2.0
USB Root Hub
User Interface Core
Visual C++ Runtime Libraries (Side X Side)
Visual C++ Runtime Libraries Policy XPSP2
Visual C++ Runtime Libraries XPSP2
Volume Manager
Volume Shadow Copy Service
Windows Firewall
Windows Logon
Windows NT MARTA Provider
Windows RAM Disk Driver
Windows Script Engines
Windows Security Configuration Editor Client Engine
Windows-based Terminal Professional
Wireless Zero Configuration
WMI Core
WMI Correlation
WMI Filter
Workstation Service

Thanks, regards


Dear amsps,

I suggest you to create a config with your PMQ first.

And you just need to include mstsc & some necessary components, then
dependency check & build image.

If you still want to reduce components from your original configuration,
please disable "Auto-resolve dependencies" in "Tools->Options->Dependency
And delete useless components to rebuild image again.

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