USB drive not "removable"



Hi all:

My XPE image correctly PNPs a USB flash drive when I connect one, but the
devices always show up as non-removable (no "Eject" context menu in explorer,
no entry in "safely remove...", no removable designation in disk managment

I've got all of the following components in my image. Anything obvious

Disk drive (all three)
Disk Management Basic Volume Runtime
Disk Management MMC Snap-In
Disk Management Services
DiskOnKey USB personal storage device
FAT Format
FAT Format/Tools
FAT/NTFS Common Format/Tools Files
Pnp (Kernel-mode)
PnP (User-mode)
Removable Storage MMC Snap-In
Removable Storage Service
Safely Remove Hardware Program
Tray Icon Add/Remove Support
USB 2.0
USB 2.0 Common
USB Composite Device
USB Boot 2.0
USB Boot Mass Storage Device
USB Composite Device
USB Mass Storage Device
USB NT Hardware Detect
USB Root Hub
USB User Interface

thanks much,


This is probably cause your computer see your USB as a fixed drive.
Go see in Disk Management if your USB is set as fixed.


Yes, it does appear as a fixed drive. Is there some way to change that?

The same drive appears to XP Pro systems as removable.


John Mueske


I have the same problem. My build sees USB flash drives as a "local disk"
rather than a "removable disk". I think we're ruining drives because of
this. I have removable storage service in my build. I'm not sure how to
resolve this?



We also had the same problem. It appears that the issue has to do with a
specific version of the usb driver, usbstor.sys. The answer is to remove the
"USB Boot Mass Storage Device" component from Target Designer and rebuild
(you will also have to remove any components that depend on this component).

I should point out that after we rebuilt with the component removed, we
copied the new usbstor.sys driver file over to the system32 folder on our
target machine that was having the problem. The problem was fixed, so this
verifies that the usbstor.sys was definitely causing the problem.
usbstor.sys version 5.1.2600.2996 does not work, version 5.1.2600.2180 works.

Also, we found this solution at

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