RDP messes up dual monitor (primary/secondary) configuration



I have a problem where my Vista Dual monitor setup gets hosed up when I RDP
to it.

Problematic PC: Vista Business Edition. Dual Monitor. Primary on left
connected via DVI, Secondary on right connected via AGP. The primary monitor
is detected as primary via Vista (number 1 when identified), and contains
taskbar, icons, etc.

I first noticed my problem when I RDPd into this PC using the /span option.
While on the remote PC, everything looked as expected using the /span option.

The problem was noticed when I returned to the office to log on locally.
Before I logged in, I noticed my login screen was on the right monitor.

I logged in. All of a sudden the right monitor was now the Primary monitor.
It had all my icons, taskbar, etc. Even more odd, the display properties
continued to identify this monitor as number 1 on the chain, except it was
located on the right side. It was as if someone physically swapped my
monitors. This is of course not the case.

I rebooted. No change. Windows is now recognizing my AGP (right) monitor
as my primary and my DVI (left) as the secondary.

In order to fix this, I had to shutdown my pc, unplug the AGP cable from the
one monitor, and then start the computer back up. Windows used the only
monitor it could find (on the left as intended). Upon logging in, I got this
dialog stating "Enumerating display devices, phase 1". Then it stopped. I
then plug back in the AGP monitor and enable it in the display properties
(expand desktop to this monitor). Now my system is back to normal.

Now everytime I RDP into this system (with or without /span option), my
monitors get reversed. I have to go through the above procedure every time
to fix it.

What the heck is going on here?

It would seem as if my system is trying to use the AGP monitor as primary
any chance it gets to detect them as if new. The odd thing is, the BIOS
continues to use the left as my primary without problem. Why would Vista see
it differently? Better yet, how in the world do I get Vista to stop swapping
my monitors everytime I RDP into it?!


Such wonderful responses! haha j/k.

Anyhow, while I'd still like to know exactly why this issue is occuring and
how to possibly avoid it, I have found a solution for myself.

I ended up swapping the cables on my monitors (left is now AGP and right is
now DVI). I then proceeded with my previous set of instructions (unplugged
right monitor, rebooted system, let Windows boot with only AGP monitor this
time, then replug the DVI monitor and expand desktop).

Now when I RDP nothing changes for me. It seems my system prefers my AGP
connection over the DVI. Not sure why. Probably some legacy crap. Just not
sure how RDP'ing into my monitor has any effect.

I just wonder what would happen if I had a dual DVI setup <shrug>. Until

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