RDA and Merge Replication



Hello All and happy 2006 :)

I would like to ask if it is recomended to use both RDA , for some
tables and Merge Repl. for others. The reason I am asking this is for
saving space on the pocket pc.
My aplication will have tables that will be common for all pocket pcs
and other tables that the data of them will be diferent for each pocket
pc(and not usefull to other pocket pcs)
I havent yet put data in my tables on the pocket pc but i am thinking
if the space is not enough , to use merge replication for tables that
the data of them are needed in all the pocket pcs of the Aplication and
RDA for the tables that the data will be diferent for each individual
pocket pc .Can i do that ?

Thanks a lot




I was also wondering if I could combine both RDA and Merge Replication
in the same application.

I mainly use Merge Replication but I wanted RDA for only one simple
thing: synchronize server time with PPC time. Don't know if you suffer
it, but PPC's time is slower than server's and in a couple of days can
be 3 or 4 minutes late. I wanted regularly to do a direct SQL in order
to query the database with a getdate() and then establish the correct
time in the PPC.

Has anybody combined these two approachs with success?

PS: Maybe
http://groups.google.es/group/microsoft.public.sqlserver.replication is
more appropiate for your question and you can receive more answers.


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