RC2, fuzzy fonts




I have noticed that the fonts used in Vista can be quite furry at times. As
I type this, the fonts on the start menu are crisp as possible, yet the
subscribed newsgroup list in windows mail leaves me rubbing my eyes as I
think I have got blurred vision. The same applies to software installs, the
installshield wizard is fuzzy. I installed Firefox and everything looks
fuzzy. Only IE looks crisp.

What setting do I need to change (if there is such a setting) to remedy

(the lcd screen Im using is at it's native resolution, so that isn't a
contributing factor)




Hi Nicholas,

If you right-click on the desktop and choose Personalize, it takes you to
the Personalization control panel. Choose the "Window Color and Appearance"
link, at the very top. After this opens, choose the link "Open classic
appearance properties for more color options", towards the bottom of the
window. This opens the "Appearance Settings" tab in a new window.

On this tab, click on the "Effects..." button. On the new pop-up, choose
either to turn off font smoothing, by unchecking the box, or change font
smoothing to standard, by pulling down the menu. (Experiment). You'll have
to OK>Apply>OK your way out of all the windows to make your changes stick.

Hope this helps,

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