random freezing/rebooting



Yeah, I know. You probably see this all the time. But I just can’t
figure out what’s causing this, although I’m leaning towards the power
supply. This is my config:

Abit NF7-S2
AMD 2400+
512mb x2 crucial ddr333
128mb agp 6600gt
antec 430w truepower
nec 3500 dvdrw
audigy2 w/ livedrive bay
WD2000JB 200gb 8mb
3 80mm fans
wireless pci linksys card
powercom ebook 500s

Now, it’s been freezing/rebooting for the past few months now
randomly. For instance, I was playing a snes game last night and froze
after a couple hours, but sometimes I can play longer and it’s fine.
Or the other day i was playing GTA: san andreas and it rebooted on me,
but like before, i can play longer with no problems at all. Or
sometimes I’ll be using an audio program, or listening to music, or
just chatting/using the web and it will freeze. -->

My memory has been tested with no errors
The CPU temperature is fine
I’ve ran a WD utility a few times over the years on my hard drive, 0
nvidia system util shows cpu, NF, and AUX voltages a little in the red

Can anyone determine from what I’ve said what could be the problem, or
is it still a toss up at this point?




I had that problem. The problem was that audigy2 w/ livedrive bay. As soon
as I turfed it, the computer worked flwalessly.


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