RAID controller change




I need to change an Adaptec RAID controller and its set of HDD for others
and I have the next problem.

Scenario: Windows 2000 Server SP4 working on a server with Adaptec RAID
controller (RAID 5), let's say A RAID

Test phase #1: I have copied (Ghost) the discs on the RAID on a single IDE
HDD. Test were successful and the server works fine, but slower (normal).

Test phase #2: I have mounted a new RAID (in that case is a RAID 1,
mirroring), but the test were unsuccessful. When I try to boot the server,
everything goes fine until the Windows screen passes (I can see the Windows
screen with the progress bar on the bottom). I get a blue screen with the
INNACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE error. I guess this error is produced by the RAID
controller or a missing controller driver.

Future: I want to mount the current set of partitions on a new RAID
controller (Adaptec, RAID 5) with a new set of bigger and fater HDD.

Up to now, I tried to boot from a floppy (I cannot, I get I/O error -I guess
the boot.ini has been right configured, even I changed some times the
configuration-), I also tried to include on c:\ (in the mirror) the
ntbootdd.sys file (it is a renamed driver for the RAID controller I'm

I guess the problem is at the RAID controller so, how can I make it work?

If the problem is not in the RAID controller, any other solution?

Many thankx,





Finally, I found the solution. Here it is.

As Windows showed the "booting page" (this one with the logo and the bottom
progress bar) and crashed, I guessed it had something to do with the RAID
controller. When I made the image, the controller wasn't installed, so I
repeated the image, this time with the controller installed on the
motherboard and the correct drivers charged. After that, the server booted
with the mirror, charged/changed some drivers and configurations
automatically, asked to restart, and finally here it is, the new RAID

That was my second test, I hope the final result works fine!



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