Quicktime in PPT



I'm looking to insert a quicktime (.mov) into a powerpoint file. I know this
is simple on a mac, but I'm using a PC. I know that PPT does not support
quicktime. Does anyone know of a plug-in or application I could purchase
that would allow this to happen?

Basically I'd like to be able to insert a quicktime movie and be able to
control it (animation, play-on-click or auto, etc.) in the same way you can
control a .wmv when you insert it.

Thanks for the help!


I understand this is a possibility. However, I'm looking for a way to
specifically use a quicktime in PPT. Please assume that converting the video
to WMV or AVI or something else isn't possible here, for whatever reason. I
know there are "hacks" to this. Also, I'm fairly certain there are plug-ins
or programs you can buy to facilitate this. Please let me know if you have
information about either option.

Austin Myers

To my knowledge there is no way to use QT natively in PPT. You can of
course place the QT player on the slide as an object.

Austin Myers
MS PowerPoint MVP Team

Provider of PFCPro, PFCMedia and PFCExpress


Hey folks, i have a similary issue, I have to convert video taken on my Sanyo
HD2 digital camera (MP4) to a file type that is accepted by Powerpoint, so I
can shoot and then insert video into professional presentations. I was under
the impression that QTPro could do this, and it says it will convert to 100's
of file types in the ads, but there is nowhere in the help menus that I could
find guidance on how to do this...any help out there?

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