Questions w/ fax



Our business is upgrading/downgrading from Winfax since no longer supported.
MS Fax seems to be the next logical alternative but I have some questions.
This applies to a SBS Server w/ clients using XP and Vista.

First, It appears that all clients "share" the same fax account. Even
though the user name appears different on the sender info, the inbox/outbox
folders display all company faxes. I am confused as to why all the faxes
sent/recieved in the entire company would show on each client? Some faxes
are private and should not be available to every employee.

Second, when a fax is sent it stays in the outbox until the program is
closed and reopened, then it will show in the sent items. How do you
refresh? Doesn't this happen automatically?

Third, failed faxes stay in the outbox. Shouldn't they end up in the sent
items box as a failed item? That is the way winfax works.


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