Questions about the File Based Write Filter in FP7



Since there is little documentation about feature pack 7's additions to
the EEF set I thought I'd throw out a couple of questions regarding the

My understanding:
The new fbwfapi enables us to protect an entire volume from changes
while giving us the ability to specify certain files or folders to
simply write through to disk. Any changes to files that are not
protected will immediately be written to disk while changes to files
that are protected will require a call to FbwfCommitFile.

1. A similar function was available in SP2's ewfapi in the form of
EwfMgrCommitFile however there were strict restrictions that the file
size must remain the same and the file must not be moved from its
location. Do these restrictions still hold for FbwfCommitFile? In
other words, does the FbwfCommitFile safely resize files that are
protected in the volume and if so, will it require a reboot?

2. Does the FBWF protect unused disk space on the protected volume or
simply protect against changes to existing protected files and folders?
Take into consideration the event that a specific folder is specified
as write-through and files are added to this folder to be written to
disk. What happens in this event?

Hopefully these questions make sense. I have yet to write an app to
test the fbwfapi.

All help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Andy Allred [MS]

Hi Bani, the documentation is a seperate download from the disk.iso, the
download is xpehelp.chm.

Can you post your FBWF questions to the private newsgroup where there are
other FBWF discussions? You can sign up via the connect site to get your
account access.
The newsgroup is microsoft.beta.xp_embedded_sp2.feature_pack_2007 under the server.


Check out the Embedded team blog:

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