Question: Default font for human readable text in various barcodes?


John M


I haven't been able to locate documentation which has information about
default font selection, size etc. for human readable text in barcodes.

Somebody out there who knows where I can find it?

According to one website that I found, it seems that "courier" is the
font no matter which barcode is selected?





Having dealt with bar coding for over a decade (both printing and
reading), I haven't encountered a specification for the HRI font. In
fact, bar coding programs I've used allow the choice of typeface,
weight and point size for the HRI, from whatever was available on the
host system. For some projects, the HRI was even deliberately omitted.
Its sole purpose is to provide a human readable interpretation of the
bar code, not for any type of scanning or OCR, so you can choose
whatever you like. It does not affect the readability of the bar code.

However, most bar codes I've seen use a sans serif fixed pitch font,
such as Letter Gothic, or similar. It doesn't mean you can't use a
serif font such as Courier. Some proportional fonts, such as the
commonly used Windows TrueType font 'Arial', contain fixed pitch
numerics so that they still line up vertical when used in tabular form.

In the end, use whatever you like, or none at all.

For reference purposes, my favourite bar code site is . It has a wealth of info and links on bar



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