Query Returns First 255 Characters of Memo Field



I could use some help with this one. I wrote a query that is supposed to
return all of the data contained in a memo field. Instead, it returns only
the first 255 characters. I wrote a test query to see if the problem was in
the table and the test query returns all of the memo field. What can I do to
fix the original query so that it returns all of the data from the memo
field? (The data type in the table is memo, not text.)



Allen Browne

The core if the issue is that Access returns only the first 255 characters
if it has to process the field.

That applies if you Group By a memo field (totals query), or if the query
deduplicates records (e.g. it has a DISTINCT or UNION), or if formatting is
applied to the field.

Examples of solving the problem:
a) If it is a Totals query, you could solve the problem by chosing First in
the Total row under the memo field instead of Group By.

b) Use UNION ALL instead of UNION.

c) Remove the DISTINCT. (If necessary, you can save the query without the
memo, and then build another query on top of that to get the memo.)

d) Remove anything from the Format property of the field in your table (or
the Format property of the text box on your form/report.)

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