query must have at least one destination field



Trying to create a report and keep getting "query must have at least one
destination field" error message.

Do I use a table or a query for the data to come from?



Your report is currently based on a query that does not have any fields in
the query design grid. Open the query in design view and you will see that
there are no fields in the grid. Double click on the fields in the field
list and they will go down into the grid.

You can base a report on either a table or a query. The advantage of using a
query is that you have a lot of flexibility in working with criteria
(without code) and you can add calculations in the query and make them
available to any number of reports, forms or other queries. You can create
calculated fields directly on the form or report but then they are not
available throughout the database.

Bed time for me........


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