Q for Mr Allen Browne = Auditting a form = Audit Log




I am sure that I followed the example and correctly added the three new
fields to the temp table and in the audit table insert a new field called
audID and marked it as primary key. The table being audited is tblWorksCard.
It had and still does have an existing autonumber and primary key on a field
called WCard_ID. The copies , tmp table and audit table have this field with
the autonumber as number and the primary key removed - per example
Only the audWorksCard Table has audID
The other two do not?
All three have WCard_ID only the table to be audited has it as its primary
key and as an autonumber.

tblInvoice = tblWorksCard
audTmpInvoice = audTmpWorksCard
audInvoice = audWorksCard
InvoiceID = audID

I get an errror 2465,
Database can't find the feild "audID" referred to in yr expression .
Debug line in Form - BeforeUpdate is

Call AuditEditBegin("tblWorksCard", "audTmpWorksCard", "audID", Nz(Me!audID,
0), bwasNewRecord)

all Nz(Me!audID, 0) have the ! as in the form Nz(Me.audID, 0) the debug
didn't like it as .audID had method or data member not found.

I'm Lost ????????????
Thanking you in advance



Allen Browne

Should you be using "WCard_ID" instead of "AudID" in the AuditEditBegin()

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