PXE-E53: No boot filename received



We had one DC (server1) with both DHCP/RIS on it. We now have two domain
controllers. The old DC (server1) is still hosting DHCP and the new DC
(server2) is now hosting RIS. On the old DC (server1) RIS services have been
stopped by going to the Remote Install tab in AD and removing the Client
Support option "Respond to client computer requesting services". The client
Support on the new DC (server2) has been enabled in the same manner. The RIS
server (server2) is authorized for DHCP but does not have an ip scope.

When I start the PXE it returns "PXE-E53: No boot filename received".

On the RIS machine, there is a green arrow on the server icon next to it's
name in DHCP. Also, it shows up on the "manage authorized servers" list on
the main dhcp server. I have restarted RIS, ran the risetup -check, and

Do we need to configure something something for the new RIS server
(server2)? It seems to be something with the RIS services not being on the
same server as the DHCP service.

Please Help


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