Public Folder woes with Outlook 2003



I am having a problem seeing Public Folders while using Outlook 2003. There
are no problems when using Outlooks 2000 or XP. Here's the scenario.

I have 3 exchange servers (ServerA, ServerB, ServerC), all running Exchange
2000 SP3. ServerA was the first server in the domain. The public folders are
set up to replicate to all servers.

The users who have mailboxes on ServerA can see the Public Folders using all
editions of Outlook, including 2003.

The users who have mailboxes on ServerB & ServerC can see the Pubic Folder
tree but cannot view any items within. The error message states that they do
not have sufficient permissions (which they do). These users have no issues
with Outlook 2000 & XP. When using 2003, there Online status in the
bottom-right corner goes away for users with accounts on ServerB & ServerC.
It stays on for users with accounts on ServerA.

Can anyone shed any light on the matter? I've seen other posts that
reference similar issues but so far, no answers for them.

Thanks in advance!



Tyrone Cowart[MSFT]

If I understand what's going on only affects users running Ol2K3.
These same users using an older version of Outlook work. If this is correct
then I would recommend running a network capture reproduing the errors and
see where the client is going to. You can also enable debug tracing on
Outlook2K3 and have PSS look at the logs. These logs will contain all of the
RPC calls between the client and servers.

Tyrone Cowart
Microsoft PSS

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