problem with NIS



I'm having problems managing services for unix on my network. There are 2
locations with 2 domain controllers each. All four servers are Windows 2003
SP2 and running SFU 3.5. I have all my Linux boxes configured to
authenticate with NIS through those 4 servers and it is working fine.

The problem I have is with making any changes. If I open the console on any
of those 4 servers, it tells me it 'cannot obtain one or more server names
from active directory'.

Let's say I have ServerA and ServerB at my office and ServerC with ServerD
at the data center. ServerA is the NIS master with B,C,D as slaves. I just
installed ServerE in the data center as a domain controller running Windows
2008 with identity management for unix. In the console it won't connect
there, saying 'wmi error has occured. index was out of range. must be
non-negative and less than the size of the location. Parameter name: index'

I followed kb article 923515 but it doesn't help. I checked the server
reference of each of the 5 domain controllers and the values are correct
(doesn't say <not set>).

I also tried from the command line on ServerE to add that as a slave. I did
'nisadmin addserver -d -m' and it returned
'no such object'




You should check the serverreference attribute of all other servers
that eventually land up in CN=Sites. There is a vbs script that dumps
the values for all such servers, will try to post it today - that'l

- Ashish

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