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The pst file size on one of our workststions (Outlook 2000) dispite all
efforts doesn't seem to decrease in size. We have deleated most of the files
& items and have archived and the file size is still 241,741KB. The Outlook
on this computer always locks up and we have to re-boot throughout the day.
We have other machines with mush more files & items in Outlook that are only
about 176KB. Any thoughts? We can't seem to figure out what all this data
is and why the file is so large.

Feel free to contact direct at (e-mail address removed)



Scott Atkins[MSFT]

Hi Jon,

In your post you mention that you have deleted many items from the file, but have you also emptied your deleted items?

In addition to deleting items and emptying deleted items you should try to compact this .PST file, Right click on the file, choose Properties, click on the "Advanced" button and click
"Compact Now."

If neither of these reduces the size of your .PST I would suspect corruption. You can create a new .PST file and try importing the information into it. Please note that it might possibly bring
corruption into the new file as well.


Scott Atkins MCSE, MCSA
Partner Technical Lead - Outlook
Microsoft Technical Support
for Platforms and Business Applications

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