Proxy server settings dimmed and unchecked even after applying GPO




I am facing a typical problem, someone please help.

In my Organization, there are a group of people who are not supposed to
access the internet. They have been put in an OU with no computer in it
and Group Policy was created for that OU with policies as follows:

User Configuration/Windows Settings/Internet Explorer
Maintenance/Connection/Proxy Settings and checked the "Enable Proxy
Settings" and entered the desired values as follows. (false
Proxy) and port 80 respectively. "Use same proxy...." and "Donot use
proxy server for......" was checked.

This was done at User Configuration so as to apply to users
irrespective of which computer they logon.

They policy was implemented. Then It came to notice that they could
access the lansetting button under the "connection tab" in "Internet
Options". I checked out the policy for that OU but there was no
"Internet explorer" under Windows components of Administrative
templates. So what i did was at the domain level along with "Default
domain policy", i created another Group policy called "New Group
Policy" and there was the Internet explorer, under Windows components
of Administrative templates. I enabled the Disable Changing Proxy
Settings Policy and applied it by moving it higher above Default Domain

Now the story began, it so happenned that in the At the client computer
after the user logged in, In the Internet Options,Connection, Lan
setting all the checkboxes were unchecked and the Proxy settings boxes
were dimmed. So again, i went back to the New Policy which i had
created at the highest domain level along with the Default Domain
Policy and Deleted it. Now there was only one Policy that is the
Default Domain Policy.

But even after doing above, Internet Options,Connection, Lan setting
all the checkboxes were still unchecked and the Proxy settings boxes
were still dimmed at the client machine which users logged in.

Now the thing is that i want the checkbox of Proxy Server under the Lan
settings to be checked. I tried every possible means of doing so. But
still the situation remains the same.

So, I would be very much Grateful if someone could help me on this,
Highly relying on you Guys :)




Richard Oltmann

Create a group policy at the domain level again and go to the same setting
and set it to disabled this will bring the feature back. deleating the gpo
does not undo what it was doing


Thank you for your Prompt reply Richard, I will try it in a couple of
days and post the result.


Hi Richard,

I created a new group policy at the domain level, and disabled the
"Disable Changing Proxy Setting". Butl still the check mark doesnot
appear in the "Proxy Servers" and the boxes remains grayed out.
(Internet Options>Connection>Lan Setings. Please help.

Thanks in advance.


Hi, if I were you I'd start fresh. But first do a backup of your GPOs.

Now, I would create an OU and put all the concerned users in that OU
(say "No Internet"). I would, as a precaution, put their computers in
the same OU. Then create and link a new GPO in the newly created OU
with all the settings you want.

Tell us how it worked afterwards.


Thanks for your reply Maverick,

I did try what you said. I created an OU called 'No Internet', then i
created a test user and computer into that OU. Then in group policy
tab of the Properties of The OU, i clicked on new, created a new group
policy, then under User configuration>Windows Settings>Internet
Explorer Maintenance>Connection>Proxy ---- I set the proxy to, applied the GPO.

Then i logged on to the above said machine with the test user, but
still internet was acessible, when checked Internet
Options>Connection>lan settings, no boxes were checked and though the
proxy appeared on the box of Proxy Servers, it was disabled
or dimmed or grayed out.

I an just unable to understand why this thing is happening, will you be
able to help on this, coz i think it should be happening from the
Domain level but the Default domain Policy is as it is and no policies
has been set in it.

One more thing, does any body know how tho change only the gateway of
more than one machine, without changing the ip address or anything else
using the netsh command, as i would like to run it from the domain
login script for the users as a batch file which will be stored in the
DC or say any other machine in the domain. That is, in a nutshell, i
want to, say remove.the gateway ip address of multiple machines using a
logon script and single batch file.

Thanks again


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