protect cell format



how can I keep the cell format the same (protected) when I copy and paste
another cell into it?
Cell A1 from Sheet 1 is protected with center justified-text along with cell
color RED. This sheet is protected and user is not allowed to edit the
Cell B1 from Sheet 2 is left justifed with no cell color.

If I copy B1 Sheet2, and paste it into A1 Sheet1 (Format protected), the
red cell is now not colored RED, and the text is now Left-Justified.
How do I keep the cell red and centered justified. I mean....shouldn't it
keep it's format since it's protected from changing?



Dave Peterson

If you're doing the work, you can Copy|paste special|values.

Or even copy from the formula bar and paste into the formula bar (selecting the
appropriate cells first).

If you're not doing the work, then you could either give the user a macro to do
the copy|paste special|values (and lock cells and protect sheets) -- or you
could try to teach them to use paste special values.

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