project stuck in windows movie



Christmas video stuck in windows movie maker. I have a full project
complete in project mode however am unable to save out the full file (audio &
video) to either a WMV file or AVI file. I wouldl ike my end product to be a
DVD to play on TV. It has been suggested that the codec may be lost due to
the number of crashes of the movie maker program. It was recommended that I
uninstall and reinstall the product. My question is how do I do that? The
product came with my purchase of my PC. I do not have a disk to reinstall
with or do not know how to get a copy of the program without repurchasing it.
Thank you for any help. Also if you have any other suggestions on how to
turn the project file into a video with another product I would consider that
as well. I would prefer not to start over as my project is already complete
with music.


check my website's Problem Solving > Can't Save a Movie page...

the issue is common and usually doesn't need the installation or
reinstallation of something.... depending on how far along it gets before
getting stuck, it could be a memory-related issue that can save on the next
attempt... or a project that is too complex and needs to be rendered in
parts.... or it could be that you're using a video clip that uses a codec
that won't work in Movie Maker.

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