project could not be opened...refers to a device platform that doe



Here's one for the Compact Framework Guru's out there.

I can no longer open or create Compact Framework projects in VS 2005, as I
get the following error message...

"Error retrieving information from user datastore. Platform not found."

Followed by...

"The project could not be opened because it refers to a device platform
that does not exist."

Have done search but cannot find anything works.

Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Rob Vet


The project was created on a PC that had an SDK that no longer is there.
You have to eitehr open it on the other PC and change the target to a common
platform installed on both or install the SDK on the computer showing the

The other option is to hack the project file with Notepad and retarget it
manually to an SDK like PPC2003.





Hello Chris and thanks for you quick response.

If wish it were that cut and dry. I created the project today on the same
PC. Now, in fact, when I go to create a new CF Project, I get the same error

Looks like something is missing from VS 2005.

Peter Foot [MVP]

Is the project built against the Windows Mobile 5.0 SDK? if so try repairing
the installation.





Hello Peter...

Have read many of your articles and am always very impressed!

Thanks Fabien for your response.

Project was built against 2003 Pocket PC.

Tried a number of things, but as it turned out, I must have trashed, or
corrupted, a file or registry entry.

Was able to fix problem by running repair on Visual Studio 2005:

(1) Control Panel
(2) Add/Remove Programs
(3) Visual Studio 2005
(4) Repair

Again, thanks for the input.

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