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Meek dba Tangentals Design

I'm a freelance developer using Vista Ultima on my work machine. Now
when I first installed Vista I made changes such as giving myself as the
Administrator, full read&write privileges to directories like Program
Files. Is there a list somewhere, or can someone supply me with a list
of the Vista Installed directories and with the read/Write settings and
user privileges they are provided by default?

Whether someonce can or not, I need one piece of important information!
I have a client that I'm writing a multi-user application for. The
app is installed normally in C:\Program Files and each UserName account
that runs it will have a directory created under C:\Users\[User
Name]\[App Name] in which his or her dB files used by the application
are stored and accessed when that user is logged on to the machine. The
client does not want me to write any info to the Registry, so I need a
directory in which I can create a writable file that can be accessed by
the application no matter which user is logged on. The info will be
common to the application and all users. Where would be the best/proper
place to create such a directory? Can I create it under
C:\ProgramData\[my common dir] providing it with both read and write

Cowboy \(Gregory A. Beamer\)

Create it as an application directory under all users. I do not have a link
right now, but it should be easy enough to find. And, as I remember, it is
quite easy to get set up.

Gregory A. Beamer

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