Programming for Pocket PC 2003 and Windows CE 4.2




I've developed an application for PocketPC (WM2003) with Visual Studio

The type of the project in Visual Studio 2005 is Pocket PC 2003. Now
I'm probing the application in a Windows CE 4.2 and the frames are
different visually. The menus appears in the top, there isn't SIP
(Soft Input Panel), ...

Which is better? Trying to adapt the code to work with Pocket PC 2003
and Windows CE 4.2 or
copy the code and create another project wit type Windows CE 5.0?
Also, is there any patch for Visual Studio 2005 for use projects of
type Windows CE 4.2?
CE 4.2?

Thanks in advance.




Neil Cowburn

You need .NET CF 2.0 SP1 to work with Windows CE 4.2. In Visual Studio, use
the Windows CE 5.0 project template.

Pocket PC 2003 (more correctly, Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC) is a
Windows CE 4.2 derivative. If the CE image has the SIP, it will be at the
bottom right of the desktop, not at the bottom of the application window and
menus are in a different location. This is all dependent on the shell that
you use. The Explorer shell is as you describe and is modelling on Windows
desktop. The shell in Windows Mobile is a custom shell designed specifcally
for mobile usage scenarios.

It is possible to create universal UI that looks the same in both Windows CE
and Windows Mobile, but that will require a lot more than work than is
needed if you just let the shell take care of matters.

Neil Cowburn
Principal Partner
OpenNETCF Consulting, LLC.

Managed Code in the Embedded World

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