Programatically export report object to excel


excel fool

I am using access 2003 and trying to export the results of a report to excel,
i have found a lot of info on exporting the results of a query to excel but
not a report. my users want the report itself put into excell not just the
dataset. Does anyone know how to do this? I need to get the reports
formatting output to excell also including a sub report within the reporting
object if possible. Thanks for any input anyone can provide.


You can use the OutputTo method to send a report to an Excel spreadsheet, but
you will not be happy with the output. It does not support the reports
formatting, and in fact will often shift the data around in the cells so it
is difficult to read.

There are a couple of ways to get really good looking formatted Excel
One is to do it from the Excel side using MS query to pull the data from
your Access database. The other is to use Automation to create an instance
of Excel and use VBA to manipulate the Excel object model. You can do
anything you want that way.

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