Profiles & Drive Mapping



We are useing profiles to map users home directories. We
map to \\servername\users\%username%. Recently some of
the users are mapping only to \\servername\users. They
are not able to map to their home folder. I can manually
map them.

I have considered DNS but can find no errors there. It
has not been consistant for any one user. It seems to be
a roaving problem.

Please send advise.





Possibly a Master Browser issue or SMB Ghosting. I would
try typing the "\\servername\users\%username%" in the run
dialog to check the following. I would substitute %
username% with the actual UserName though.

1..The Network share %username% exists
2..May need to add "\" to the end of the network address
3..If it works through the Run Dialog then I would check
gateway settings and make sure you've got the right WINS

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