Mapped drive vs. network shortcut?

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So, we have a number of remote offices that currently map a drive back to the
main office server over slower WAN links (2-3Mbit or less). It is a fact
that the CIFS protocol does not work well over a WAN connection and mapping
drives uses network overhead. So we could use a shortcut on the users
desktop to the UNC path i.e. \\servername\share.

My question is:
Is it better for network purposes to use a shortcut to a UNC path or a
mapped drive?

Robert L. \(MS-MVP\)

I prefer mapping or DFS even better. For example, we moved our shared data
from data1 server to adta2
server recently. What we need to do is changing the logon script. However,
some users who create shortcut will need change it manually.

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