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I am in the process of repairing an existing installation
using start up disks I created from I am
being prompted for the product key, which I have on the
Certificate of Authenticity sticker attached to the
chassis of my laptop. I am getting a message saying the
id is not valid. I have checked and double checked the id
and it I am entering it correctly. Any suggestions? Is
the problem occuring because I am using start up disks
not creating from my previous installation? If so, what
can I do to?



Bruce Chambers

Greetings --

You need to examine the Product Key very carefully. It's awfully
easy to mistake a "B" for an "8," a "G" for a "6," an "S" for a "5,"
or a "Q" for a "0" or "O." Fortunately, Microsoft had the good sense
to leave the "1's," "I's," "O's," and "0's" out of the equation.
Also, be sure that your <CapsLock> is _off_ while entering the
Product Key -- this isn't supposed to make a difference, but I've seen
it do so.

Additionally, Product Keys are bound to the specific type of
CD/license (OEM, Volume, retail, full, or upgrade) with which they are
purchased. For example, a Win2K OEM Product Key won't work for any
retail version of Win2K, or for any version of Win2K Server, and vice
versa. An upgrade's Product Key cannot be used with a full version
CD, and vice versa. They cannot be mixed & matched.

Is there a specific reason that you're using the boot diskettes,
rather than booting directly from the Win2K CD?

Bruce Chambers
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I 'm having the same problem. I've been booting from the 4-disc floppy set
and it won't accept the product key. Are you implying that if I can get the
system to boot direct from the CD, it'll work?

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