Product Key - Windows 2000 Server



I wish to try and replace the product key on a number of our processor units.

We installed windows 2000 server using a RIS process, the product key is the
same on our processor units. We have purchased windows 2003 R2 licence and
wish to replace the original windows 2000 product key, if this is possible.
Having read through several forums the general view I get, is that changing
the product key in Windows 2000 server cannot be achieved, I have tried
'sysprep' but with no success and have tried a number of third party
applications no success there either.

Due to the software we employ in our units, we still wish to use Windows
2000 server at least for the time being, so any help or advice about changing
the product key would be most helpful.

One further point , although we purchased new Windows 2003 R2 licences if we
cannot change the original product key for the new one, would this have an
effect on legality issues when using the processor units out in the field and
if connected to the internet....


The product key on W2000 is of no great significance, unlike 2003/XP it is
not validated by Microsoft. Provided you have licence paperwork or a COA
sticker per box, your equipment is legal in most jurisdictions.

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