Product Comparison between BEA and Microsoft...


Bob Morvay

I am looking for advice on a where I can learn about the Microsoft product
suite for an Internet enabled platform to deliver business website solutions
using Portals. I have evaluated BEA's suite (BEA WebLogic Platform 8.1
which encompasses BEA Weblogic Workshop, BEA Weblogic Portal and BEA
Weblogic Server) and found it very accomodating for our needs but the price
is a little high. I would like to determine if the price of a comparable
Microsoft strategy is in the same range.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, we use Documentum for content management. One of my 2004
initiatives is to move from our current environment of ATG Dynamo 5.1
application server to a more robust industry standard platform (no portals).
In the process, we will replace the servlet processing with Services in
either a J2EE framework or a .Net framework utilizing portals to manage our
many different targeted audiences. We would like to reduce the number of
independent websites to a smaller amount and control the audience view with
portals. Time to get on the game!

Thanks in advance.


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