Problems with website



Good day.

We published a few pages of our website ( It seems that
there is some inconsistency in fonts, text box sizes and layout. Everything
looks perfect on Front Page and when we view it on our laptop online but
other reported that it looks different when they view it on their computers.

Also the some of the pictures download faster than others. We do have the
saved in the same file: My documents - My Website - Mysite - Images.

Would greatly appreciate, if you could have a look at our site and advise.

Thank you!

Steve Easton

You need to optimize ( resample ) the images in the site
for example, re saved/snorkeling_II.jpg
is a 237 by 345 pixel image, but the file size is 429305 bytes.
Way too much.
You can resize / resample the images with the free IrfanView.

Also rename the files and replace any spaces with dashes - or underscores_

Spaces break links in some browsers.


Steve Easton
Microsoft MVP FrontPage
FP Cleaner
Hit Me FP

Charles W Davis


Porky's and Freshbot font faces are not going to show up on most folk's
computers. You must stick to the fonts that are known to be on most peoples
computers. They look fine on your laptop because they are installed, but
when others look at the site, the browser subsistutes a font that is
available for those.

For Web-safe fonts, read this:

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