Problems with Outlook and LDAP address book


Andrea Agostini

Hi, I've a problem with Outlook 2003 using, or trying to use, an LDAP
address book.
I've configured correctly all the parameters to use LDAP, but when I
open the address book no address appears.
If I open the address book from the tools menu (I have the Italian
version of Outlook and so I don't know if this is the English name of
the menu "Strumenti") and I use the search icon from the window, the
address that corrisponds the search criteria that I type appear. Closing
outlook the address book loose all the address again.

Our address book is a Lotus Notes address book. If I use Mozilla
Thunderbirds instead of Outlook the LDAP works correctly.

Can someone help me to solve the problem? (if it's possible)




neo [mvp outlook]

duplicate post. please see response to your post in

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