Problems with 'Names'


Trent G

I am using MS Excel 2007.

I have a series of linked files - 1 main 'parent' file with 5 'children'
files. The parent file contains 'names' which are used in all the children
files (eg..titles across columns, drop down boxes/lists (referencing name
ranges) etc)

I need to find and replace some of the external links in the files with new
file extensions - XLSM and XLSX.

I can find and replace as required in all the formulas which work, however
the 'names' in the file still refer to the .XLSM file. If you search the
entire workbook .XLSM cannot be found but under "Edit Links" a link to the
original file still exists. When you break the links, all the name ranges
are turned to values.

Any ideas on how to change this?

Many thanks



Paul C

You are on the right track but don't break the links, change the source to
the new file(s). If your change source button is not enable, you likely have
protected sheets. If you unprotect all the sheets the button should be

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