Problems with Headers/Footers



I've put together a rather lengthy document, using a template I had found.
The template has set headers and footer in it; however, somehow I have a
situation where many pages have the same header/footer reference (i.e.
"Footer- Section 7-"). As a result all the pages with the same footer
reference have the same page number. Is there any way for me to do a max fix
of the header/footer issue, so that I can get correct page numbers at the
bottom of each page?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.



Stefan Blom

The first thing to check is if the footer actually contains the PAGE field.
You can do that by pressing Alt+F9 (which shows/hides field codes). If the
page number has been typed in, just activate the header/footer area and then
insert the page number (for example by pressing Alt+Shift+P).

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