problems starting Word 2007



Since installing Microsft Office Professional 2007, I have incurred an
annoyance when opening Word 2007. When I initiate Word 2007 from the Start
menu via Microsoft Office, I receive the immediate statement:

" This file was created in a pre-release version of Word 2007. Word will
convert it to the most recent version of the Word 2007 file format when you
save the file. Before opening this file, verify that it is from a trusted

I then click an "OK" button and Word begins. However, when this statement
appears, I am not opening any specific document, I am opening Word 2007 by
itself, not through any document. The installation of Office suggests that it
removed any previous version, and one may conclude that included the beta
version of Office 2007.

Is there a solution to remove this annoying and misdirected action and
statement from the intiation of beginning of the execution of Word 2007. This
statement, or facsimile, thereof, does not appear when opening any other
Office 2007 program. I would thank anyone for any time and consideration in
this matter.



Jay Freedman

With Word shut down, find the Normal.dotm file (by default it's in the
folder %appdata%\Microsoft\Templates -- just enter that path in the
Start Menu > Run box) and rename it or move it to another folder. Then
restart Word.

Afterward, you can use the Organizer to move styles and macros from
the old template to the new one. To get there, first open the Word
Options dialog and check the box to show the Developer tab in the
ribbon. On the Developer tab, click the Document Template button and
then click the Organizer button in the dialog.

By design, uninstalling Office (either manually through Add/Remove
Programs or programmatically by an upgrade) doesn't remove
Normal.dotm, to avoid losing any customizations you stored in it. It's
not surprising that you still have the file that was created by the
beta version.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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