Problems opening Jpegs...



I've got a particular folder in My Pictures that is full of jpegs. All of a
sudden, I can no longer view these jpegs with any program. I've tried
Windows Picture and get the message "No preview available." I've tried Adobe
Photoshop and get the message "Failed to load photo." Finally, I've tried
Microsoft Picture It 7.0 and I get the message "Sorry, this file can't be
opened." I've tried burning them to a CD and opening them on a different
computer with no luck.

I have many similar folders in My Pictures, also full of jpegs, and I can
open and view all of them.

I've read everything I can find here, including running Disk Cleanup,
Defragmenter, and Error Checking...none of which seem to have fixed the
problem. I've read the article about AOL and Compuserve problems, and those
do not apply to my situation as I do not use their services.

These were photos taken with a digital camera and loaded directly into that
file folder. At one point, I was able to view them.

What has happened?

Can anyone help me? Please?!?!

These pictures are job-related, and are of utmost importance.


Is the folder compressed?
Anyway, have you tried copying one of the picture files to another folder,
and opening it from the new location?

To me it sounds like the folder contents may be corrupted. if so, you may
have a big problem.

As a test I suggest that you download a copy of IRFANview and see if it will open (and possibly repair)
the copied picture.


I cannot open pictures that are ent to me. It says Nero Snapshot cannnot open
OLK9 files. Please help

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