Problem with two Continuous Forms on one table


Peter Stone

Access 2003

I have a table of geographical locations E.g., Oceans (Pacific, Atlantic,
etc.), Continents (Asia, Africa, etc.), Countries, etc.

I select a location in a combo and connect it to other locations with a self
join in a junction table using a combo on a continuous form.

To simplify the process I want to have several continuous forms.

At the moment, one continuous form combo selects continents (qryCont).
Another selects Oceans (qryOcean)

Problem: Once I have made a selection on fsubCont.cboCont,
fsubOcean.cboOcean displays a second combo with the first one blank.

Any way around this?

Thank you



Peter Stone

I worked it out myself.

To have multiple continuous sub forms on the same table they must be on
separate queries NOT on the Table.

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